President’s Greeting

Pontian Union Sourmenon

Compatriots, Friends,

Today we, the descendants of Pontos: The Land of the Trandellenes, who have demonstrated
through our historical route a man’s strength and will to live, have both the honor and the obligation
to bring to light this journey, maintain our cultural heritage and pass it on to our children and to our
children’s children, so that all aspects of the Pontic Civilization, may be kept alive.

With this in mind, our association is ready to welcome and embrace, during the week of
*Diakainisimou, relatives, friends and thousands of other visitors from all over Greece and abroad,
to experience once again all together “according to our native customs”, as reported by our
ancestors, our Burial Custom and our Festival.
Compatriots, Friends,

The Pontion Union of Sourmena, the first vein of life in our town, and the genuine exponent and
guardian of the Burial Custom, invites and welcomes you to the Pampodiakon Panoir 2023 “Thomas
at Sourmena”.

With honor to the Board of Directors

The President

George Styl. Sarafidis

* Bright Week or Renewal Week is the first week following the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ, which is celebrated each year at Pascha.